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An Established Lawyer for Your Legal Needs

Find an Efficient Lawyer to Fight for You

When you are going through legal issues, whether it is a family law, personal injury, or criminal law, you deserve an attorney who will fight for your rights.
With Michael G. Beebe, you can be certain that your rights will be protected and fought to the fullest extent. Every case is handled with personal care and you will receive support during the entire process.
Family Law
Happy Family

Drafting a Will is Easy Now

Whether it is drafting a will or nominating a member of your family for power of attorney, the lawyer at Law Office of Michael G. Beebe will do it with utmost care and precision.
Estate Planning Services

Settle All Estate-Related Disputes Effortlessly

If a complicated estate dispute needs to be settled and you don't know who to contact, Law Office of Michael G. Beebe is your best bet.

For all legal help regarding guardianship, living wills and tax document preparation, contact us. We'll ensure that we make all legal procedures convenient for you.
Probate Law Services
Probate Law Services
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